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Michael White -- Silicon Valley Attorney to corpoate clients -- discusses how to maintain control of your company.  Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg famously has ironclad control of his company, to its great benefit.  Also discussed is "why so much animosity towad lawyers?"

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Eric Hall ifrom Dolby s the guest.  Topics discussed include why the sound quality component of technology  has fallen, while everything else has gotten sharper.  Also discussed is the beginning of the Beats saga.  Thomas Dolby's role in Dolby is cleared up.

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A famous venture capitalist tells the Wall Street Journal that rich people are being persecuted, comparing them to the Jewish people living in Germany in 1938.  He also imagines himself being of a kind with people who ride (Google) buses to work.  The craziness of Silicon Valley 'us vs. them' mentality is discussed.

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In the first episode, Kent Lindstrom talks about the inspiration behind Something Ventured, and welcomes listeners to explore the people and ideas of Silicon Valley.

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